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our sister company, Falcon Community Services have served the needs of churches and schools for over two decades! It began with the ParentFinder wireless nursery to parent notification system. More recently, we have changed our focus to primarily address safety and security issues.

Church safety and security is a concern that didn't exist just a few years ago. This has all changed with arson, theft, disruption of services, armed invasion, and even murder in our places of worship and sanctuary. As disturbing as this may be, the fact is that church safety and security is an issue for every church - large and small, urban and rural. 

We haven't abandoned our original commitment to serve the needs of the young.  To the contrary, our focus has simply expanded to include the needs of all the church family.  Now we serve, the young, the seniors, and everyone in between to the glory and honor of our Creator and those we serve.

A listing of a few of our featured products and services are available by clicking on the tabs above, but we encourage you to review our complete family of safety products in our summary listing.  We think you'll be impressed!

If this is your first introduction to Falcon Wireless and/or Falcon Community Services, we invite you to click on the About Us button above. We've been around for awhile and we especially enjoy addressing the special needs of churches. If you have a question, special need, or just need more information please call us toll free 24/7 at 205.854.2611 or email at ServingU@TheSafetyPlace.us. Thanks for visiting with us. We look forward to serving you!

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